Hello There!

Welcome to LoseLikeLien.

My name is Lien, and like everyone else has made a New Years Resolution to lose weight.

My friends are bored of me making food or gym snaps on Snapchat. So that’s where this wonderful blog came about.

I’ve only started going to the gym on a regular basis, I’m in a state where if I don’t go I feel weird.

Now I’m not claiming I’m an expert or professional at all! Just a fellow chubster out there. I’m a chubby so I can call myself that. 

I’m going to put posts of what I’m eating and gym session/ workouts I’ve done. I’m actually really determined. I currently use Pure Gym as it’s 24/7. I work some real awkward shift times (till 10pm) so I go afterwards. Unless I have a day off and I’ll workout during the day obviously. My sessions range from 1 hr to 2 hrs. 

My scales are playing tricks on me but I hate that thing anyways. 

So let’s go ! 

N.b. I started in Feb but forgot to log. So from tomorrow it’ll be Day 1. 


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