Day 1 – 17.04.17

So after much deliberation and time.

As soon as I got hooked on the gym I was going 4,5,6 times a week. On days I didn’t go it I felt tired and shit. But after 2 months, I did lose 8 kg initially – yay right? No, I couldn’t lose anymore and I’m pissed. No matter how long I was training or how hard I was training, I wasn’t losing anything.

Current Weight – 116 kg, I was 124 kg at start.

That’s real heavy for a woman anyways. Fortunately, I’m a tall one 5’7. Still makes me obese in the Richter scale.  This is the first ever time saying or writing it out.

SO, I have an Uncle who is a PT and he gave me some real solid advice.

He actually said to cut down the cardio to 30-40 mins , 3/4 x a week and to change my way of eating. He says after 2 weeks he promises if I stick to it, i’ll see changes.

Morning – Sensible breakfast – Oatmeal & Egg whites etc
Lunch – Lean Protein & Veg & Minimal Carbs (YES I CAN HAVE CARBS)
Dinner – Lean Protein & Veg – No Carb.

No sugary drinks, no butter, no cheese (i’ll miss that, cheese)

ANYWAYS, today I ate,

Morning – Protein World’s Slender Blend shake – with frozen bananas
Lunch – Pork & Coriander dumplings boiled.
Snack – Innocent Super Smoothie – Recharge
Dinner – Baked Chicken, Asparagus, Cous Cous ( I needed something rice like)

Probably killed my sugar count. But I’m generally impressed in my first day. I prefer burgers, roast chicken chips the lot.




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