Day 2 – 18.04.17

After scrolling through a lot of different blogs out there, you guys are pretty awesome, it’s definitely inspired me, it has !

So I came across this 1 baking sheet 4 meals thing by Goodful. Great for meal prep etc. And they’re of different varieties.

So left to right- Mexican chicken , Mozarella chicken, Soy chicken, Lemon Oregano Chicken.

So today I’ve had:

Morning – PW Slender Blend – frozen bananas

Lunch – Lemon Oregano Chicken

Dinner – Beef Burger šŸ˜“. I know disappointed again. I did without the bun & swapped chips for salad. 

Snacks- None šŸ˜•. I was on the move constantly so I didn’t pack any.

So I’ve gone back to the gym after a long break. I thought I’d be tired easily but I really wasn’t.

25 mins treadmill , 30 mins cross trainer (elliptical) , 25 mins bike. 15 reps of hip abduction. 

That’s all for today šŸ™‚


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