Day 4 – 20.04.17

So I had to wake up real early to run errands, this hit around midday and I was starving.
To be honest, I was too busy to even notice the time.

I write these daily posts so it can show me what I’ve achieved or not … from a lack of trying.

I’m still sticking to the food plans as much as I can.
Trying to get creative with food with flavour is the most difficult bit, just found out the other day I can’t have cheese.. Still super upset about that.

So anyways.

Morning – I think I had a cup of juice.
Lunch – Apples with Yogurt (my go to snack)
Dinner – Tofu Knots with Turkey Mince & Mushrooms.

I personally love tofu in every variation, dried, fresh, pre fried.
But in the Chinese restaurants, dim sum places, they have this thing called beancurd wrap with meat inside it. Like below.

dim sum

So, I wanted to make this but didn’t have all the correct ingredients, some of the ingredients are on the no no list anyways.

So they have these things called bean curd knots, so i did mushrooms, Chinese mushrooms, turkey mince stir fried with oyster sauce then was steeping the bean curd knots in hot water to soften them. Tossed them all together and it was a deconstructed version of the above.

I seriously under estimated turkey mince, thought it was going to be unpleasant to eat. But i love it!


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