Day 6 – 22.04.17

Hey ! So, I started my first day back at work and it was pretty awesome full of good positive moods.  

This morning, I had a dentist appointment – fillings. Mate… 12 hours later and my face is still numb ☹️. But I was advised to not eat beforehand. 

Morning – Juice

Lunch – Grilled Chicken & Veg (prepped from yesterday) 

Dinner – Small bowl – handsize fried rice (bro returned the favour)

With lunch I had it quite late in the evening , so around 5:00pm, then the nature of my work being on till 10:00pm. So I wasn’t hungry until I came home and had to hold myself back from gorging on the whole plate. I know I wasn’t meant to have rice but I was hella hungry so literally 5 spoons! 

So I got these food boxes from a store called Home Bargains, was so damn nifty . Couldn’t decide what colour so I bought one in every colour available. 😂. Was like £1.99 I think . Love it 😛


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