Day 7 – 23.04.17

 I opened up work at 8am, I brought a bunch of goodies to work. 

Morning : Apples & Yoghurt

Lunch : Grilled Chicken & Veg from the other day

Dinner : Cheeky Steak dinner ( no carbs ) . So boiled veg – broccoli carrots grilled mushrooms .

Drink : Super Smoothie & Water 

Literally got asked to stay till 5pm at work (overtime) and I was shattered and bed was calling me. 

I got cooking creative again and made squash soup. This is the only soup I actually like, I tried making carrot soup before. I like thick consistency soups so you dip you bread into it . 

However don’t get me wrong about water broths like Pho soup . So many people get it wrong which really upsets me. It really annoys me when I see stores try sell Pho in a cup. I get the convenience of it. But you guys aren’t getting the real deal. 

The time and love that goes into a pot can’t be replicated within a few mins. Come on now.

Our home broth is made with chickens and beef bones, filled with spices, charred onion and ginger. Slowly brewing overnight on a low heat. Just magical infusion there 😍. Sorry got a bit carried away there but yeah even when I look at the chain Pho, they are no where close to the authentic taste. I’ve had it before (not by choice) and it was bland as hell. 

Anyways , trying to catch up with my own posts now haha . See you guys tomorrow 😀


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