Day 9 – 25.04.17

Today was a day off, going back to work really takes it out of me man.

ANYWAYS, I took a small trip down to Lidl’s and topped up on a few items. To be honest, my friend had told me how her husband bought a whole big chicken for £3. I joked, yeah right, you’re exaggerating. No joke. “Medium chicken – 1.6kg for £3.” Not an offer or anything. The small chicken was on offer for £2.30 I think for less than 1 kg and I wasn’t going to bother with the large chicken, that’ll take me days to cook. LOL.

I spiced up that chicken and roasted it, its the first time in a very very long time that I had and it actually turned out to be a success. Then I had a whole bunch of sweet potato, figured I was going to be waiting for the chicken to cook so I made fries. (even though it was cooked in the Actifry ( no oil )

My beautiful roast chicken. Plump, juicy and crispy. Sweet Potato Fries.

Morning – Slender Blend Shake

Lunch – Cajun Chicken Breast on a bed of salad

Dinner – Roast Chicken & Sweet Potato Fries & Salad




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