Day 10 – 26.04.17

Just kill me please. LOL. Had no official meal prep made again. Preferred the lay in bed for a few hours . Jumped out an hour before I was due to go in work. Quickly thought on my feet. I had a chicken leg left over from the roast left, yeah my brothers devoured the lot. One had half the chicken one had a breast.

So , I quickly had about a 20 mins time slot to make lunch and prep some form of dinner to bring to work.

I raided the fridge, I see my staple foods – broccoli, mushrooms. So quarter them mushrooms and straight into a frying pan with light drizzle of Garlic olive oil. Had half a bag of spinach and sauteed with garlic (I love my garlic – beware vampires) , boiled off my broccoli and dashed it in the spinach for the flavour. Microwaved a bag of wholegrain rice ( bought from Lidl for like 50p or something… thought i’d try it out)

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture I was in a rush remember?


Morning – Lie in . (water?)
Lunch – Half a chicken leg, spinach, broccoli, mushroom and half pouch of whole grain rice.
Dinner – Same, but the other halves.

Tomorrow, I’ve planned it out to be a cheat day with my work colleague. So I shall be indulging in a take away of sorts. Don’t think I deserve it but to hell with it for a day. LOL.





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