Day 11 – 27.04.17 – CHEAT DAY

I don’t even know how I even qualified for a cheat day today.

BUT, it was only prompted as a “we’ll get a take out for dinner.” at work.
So, to hell with prepping any food for today.
Today I’m working one long ass day, 7.30 am to 10.10 pm. Yeah I am slightly crazy. But I have Friday off, so it’s not exactly killing me either.

Breakfast – Milky coffee, I don’t take it if it isn’t. I was meant to bring my porridge and I forgot it at home.
Lunch – I was kicking myself not having that slow release breakfast so I substituted it for 2 bananas until 6pm. 
Dinner – Had a house special chow mein. So this is mixed meats, mixed seafood, mixed veg . Was the best thing I had in a long while 👌🏼. 

I definitely deserved it for lasting the whole day without a proper meal man . Jesus. 


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